The basic workflow of c++ code is: source file-> compiler -> executable binary file. But how do we get to the executable binary file from source code?

Let's see a c++ code first:

What is in the Source file?

The first thing we see in the above code is…

In this post I’m not doing in depth discussion on how these standard libraries works behind the scene. I will just show what they do and how to use them.


  • sort: It orders the elements from beginning to end in O(nlogn) complexity. By default it the elements in ascending order…

What is Breadth First Search(BFS)?

BFS is a graph traversal method that traverses the graph iterative way level by level. That means it traverses the graph “breadth first”, starting from the source then the neighbor of the source then the next level and so on.

For example:

If we traverse…

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Software Engineer at LogMeIn

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